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Conversational Design

All talk and no buttons.

How do we make chatbot systems feel less robotic and more real? We have a proven methodology for designing, and deploying enterprise ready bots, that focuses on content, personality, and relatability. Our three step process to conversational design blends research, strategy, copywriting, and design.

1 Channel Strategy

Deciding which channels to run your bot through can be almost as challenging as the design itself. Which is where we do the research!

2 M.V.P

No, not Minimum Viable Product… we use our propritary profiling tools to create your organisations first Minimum Viable Personality.

3 Flow Design

Using our conversational design suite, we craft your words into wonderful, engaging conversations.

4 Test and Train

It might be basic Ai, but it still needs to be targetted, trained, and taught how to answer the questions or statements. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

“In simple terms, Bots are software programs that include Ai components to interact with people over text or voice messaging—we help you to design the content, personality, and flow of the interaction.”

Why take the time to design?

Whilst is might seem easy to spin up a chatbot and get it out, the benefits of a well crafted and designed bot will be the difference between success and failure. A good bot will provide you with:

Time and cost savings

By automating conversations, chatbots save an organisation time and money that can be allocated to more creative work.

Better human journeys

By asking a series of targeted, qualified questions, chatbots can route users to the best place on your website to find the information / products they want.

After hours support

By offering on-demand, always-on customer support, chatbots can significantly decrease your average time to respond and ensure customers can interact with you 24/7.

Engaging Experiences

By incorporating machine learning algorithms to more accurately facilitate human conversation, chatbots offer a new way to engage that feels less like traditional marketing and more like a desirable interaction.

“The more an interface leverages human conversation, the less people have to be taught how to use it. We combine expertise in several design disciplines, including voice user interface design, interaction design, and copywriting.”

“The role of our conversational designers is like that of an architect, mapping out what people want to do, while considering both the human need and the technological constraints of bot technology. We use our experience in copy to curate an engaging conversation, defining the flow and its underlying logic in a detailed design specification that represents the complete experience.”

Voice vs. Chat vs. SMS

When people talk about “conversational interface,” they’re really talking about two very different interfaces: text conversation and voice.

The big difference between a messenger chatbot vs virtual assistant or voice chatbot is how we interact with them. A text-based messenger chatbot can exist on one or more messaging platforms, including both SMS and web-based messengers. This means people primarily interact with them on a screen via text or button presses. A person interacts with a voice enabled chatbot differently: they converse with such a bot via their voice in natural language. The voice chatbot then answers back using pre-recorded messages, text-to-speech responses or a mixture of both.

We take a ‘corpus’ approach to conversational design. Which means we’re not locked to one paradigm or another. In fact, the biggest benefit of working with Us, is that we can help you build Bots that can be tested, or run across voice, chat or another other type of system that might come along in the future.


Chat and Messenger bots give you a great way of starting the engagement with an audience. Our experience, and proprietary tools allow us to visualise the flow of conversation, and prototype, test, and iterative quickly.


Our experience with the leading industry platforms – Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant – enable us to take full advantage of these technologies in sales, customer service and operations.


SMS is still the most widely used feature on mobile devices, with 97% of the UK adult population using it at least once a day. Capitalising on its popularity gives you a powerful two-way interaction.

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