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Data, plus a massive rise in computing power is making Ai a reality now; turning data into valuable insights and creating tremendous opportunities for business. We founded Us on the vision that Ai doesn’t have to be complicated.


Ai-focused products that aren’t aligned with a human need, will end up being very powerful systems that address a very small — or perhaps nonexistent — problem.

Us Ai help you find those problems that Ai could fix.

Our Vision

Help the organisations understand the possibilities, opportunities, and future of automated technologies such as Machine Learning.

Our Mission 

Leave the world in a better place than how we found it, by making sure we also apply our Ai thinking to real world, human-focused problems.

Our latest whitepaper on Voice Ai.

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Bot-Focused Innovation

Whilst not the most sophisticated form of Ai available, bots do have a major new role to play in the advancement of how industries become more efficient, and more human-focused. Which is why we use them at the very heart of all our work.

Customer service

  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Resolving customer queries: Answering questions is helpful but a chatbot is not that useful if it can not complete transactions. For example, if customers frequently call to check the delivery time of their package, it makes sense to let the chatbot handle those questions.


  • Recommending new offers: Recommending the right products to the customer based on her verbal feedback
  • Understanding your customers: Asking the right questions at the right times on your application or website


  • Sales assistant: Integrated to your CRM system, your chatbot can act as an assistant to sales personnel, by notifying them when they are assigned opportunities, simplifying lead creation and updates.
  • Customer outreach is better when bots write the first reply. For example while reaching out to SMEs, you can send automated emails and chatbots can respond immediately to leads. Reduction in response times is one of the biggest boosts to conversion.


  • Keeping the pulse of your employees has never been easier. Integrate chatbots like Polly into your collaboration environment like Slack to monitor their satisfaction and productivity.

  • Completing transactional HR services: Most employees have a hard time remembering where they need to fill in their absences and vacations. Especially new joiners are clueless about such things.

Productising Conversation

We know that recreating the wheel every single time a company needs to solve the problem of better audience insight isn’t true to the value that Ai holds, which is why we’re busy building out a suite of products to help speed up your research and CRM needs.

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The Future Is Now

We envision a world where Ai amplifies the very best parts of humanity, rather than erodes them.

Over the next few years, we think businesses, charities, social enterprise and government can get dramatically more efficient and affordable through technology. We believe that technology that utilises data can become more human, with less unnecessary pain and wasted time for everyone involved. Companies that use Ai effectively will be able to focus on bringing true value to their customers by allowing their employees to focus more of their time on the customer, rather than the process.

We are authorities in planning, designing, and prototyping artificial intelligence. We have access to cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise.

One element of our company philosophy is a sensitivity to the external forces affecting the industry, at a pace that is almost unprecedented in technological terms. Every week a new tool or product emerges that seems to change the narrative around Ai. So we also help our clients stay up to date on fluctuations, trends, ethical concerns, and the need for adjustment to the environment in which the company operates. This is really part of our fact-founded approach because the forces affecting a business are facts—and important ones.

Why is this the right time to move into Ai?


We’re generating more unstructured data than ever before. We help you take control of this data.


The current generations of digital consumer trust technology to make decisions on their behalf.


The cost of high-end processing is now low enough to enable businesses to do more, with less.

Simplifying Ai.

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